Cottages & Cabins

Up here in the U.P. everything’s a “camp” whether it’s a 100 year old trapper’s cabin in the woods or a 5,000 square foot log home on a lake. If it’s out in the woods or on the water away from the city it’s a “camp”.

One of the owners here at Hiawatha Log Homes had the brilliant idea that if we could design and package some of our most basic, yet innovative homes and price them affordably, people would buy them. Kind of a “If we build it, they will come” philosophy. We were right. People love the concept of packaging and value pricing. With packages starting at $26,000, we’ve made it easy to imagine your place in the sun, woods, river or farm.

"My home needed to be more traditional. I love the look of wood, and chose Hiawatha's "D" logs for their ease of decorating on the inside and the rustic look of the round logs on the outside. Looks like all of us are right at home."

- The Tomacaris -