Shipping Policy

•If shipping to customer address/jobsite – Our drivers will make every reasonable attempt to deliver our products to the jobsite on-time. Truck(s) must be able to drive safely and unobstructed into the jobsite and turn around a 53′ trailer.  Note that roads, and/or driveways leading to the site with large hills and tight turns, or curves may be impossible for trucks of this size to negotiate. 

•If shipping to customer address/jobsite – customer must have ability to unload the truck in a safe and timely manner. Customer or customer contractor/representative must have a forklift or equivalent machine (at the customer’s coordination and expense) capable of lifting a 6,500 lb package off of a semi-trailer, at the time the truck arrives and is ready to unload. Additional charges may apply from the shipping company after 2 hours upon arrival on the site and the truck is ready to unload. The driver will inform you before this happens.
•If shipping to customer address/jobsite – Inclement weather may also affect the schedule and/or the ability of the truck to safety reach your jobsite. 
•If shipping to customer address/jobsite – Should the truck not be able to reach the jobsite, accommodations should be made (at the customer’s coordination and expense) to off-load the materials at an alternate site and shuttle the materials to their final destination.
•NOTE: Does not include any driver waiting fees and charges, other applicable surcharges,  local taxes or fees

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