“Throw some water on da rocks ‘eh?”

That slogan is muttered more often than you can imagine here in the U.P. where people have been saunaing, (pronounced sow-nah-ing) since they were knee-high to a black bear. And yes, it’s true, many native Yoopers sauna in the buff and jump in ice cold lakes, creeks or snow banks afterwards.

The health benefits of the sauna are clear and many. A good sauna removes many toxins through pores that may not exit the body any other way. You can tell it’s healthy, because you feel so great when you get out!

Hiawatha Log Homes saunas are made of the best Northern White Cedar. The aroma of this wood remains throughout the life of the sauna and will hold up the high temps and moisture for decades. Our craftsmen have learned all of the little Finnish “secrets of sauna” and will build them into yours. In all our years, we’ve never heard of anyone being sorry they built a sauna. It just doesn’t happen.

Unless you know a semi-retired Finnish builder with a lot of a’s in his last name and a few chain saw scars on his arm, Hiawatha Log Homes of Munising, Michigan is your best bet for the perfect sauna.

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"Having always admired any structure built of logs as something special and unique, we decided to look seriously into log homes. After visiting the homes of other satisfied Hiawatha homeowners, we soon became aware of the warmth, coziness, and strength of the surrounding logs."

- The Leeps -