Designing A Dream

Your Hiawatha Log Home is the ultimate expression of you. It’s in the design that conveys your personal vision. It’s in the superior construction and quality of detail that showcases your appreciation for time-honored craftsmanship. And, it’s in the satisfaction of knowing you’ve built a home that will become something more – part of a legacy of memories to last for generations.
From your master bedroom, mosey out a private door when you first wake up or right before you go to sleep to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Venture up rustic staircases to additional bedrooms and loft, which also offers a porch with a view of early-morning sunrises or night skies. Relax with your family and friends in great rooms with massive stone fireplaces and vaulted log ceilings. Make memories with your children in a modern, warm inviting kitchen. Consider a 3 or 4 season sunroom with so much sunlight filtering into the space you’ll feel like you’re on vacation in your own home.
You will be incredibly drawn to the warmth surrounding you in rooms that are crafted from logs and the sturdiness of their construction. Your Hiawatha Log Home will “fit” into your surroundings as a peaceful, natural addition to the land you own. Beautiful and secure.
At Hiawatha Log Homes our designers will help you with your resources to give you what you desire; from a rustic cabin to escape hectic life on week-ends to a visionary masterpiece that you call “home”.