Discover Your Style – Part II

Welcome to Part II in our series to help you design and furnish your new log home in a style that reflects you and your lifestyle. Get ready for the fun part!


Sound your own theme. Many established styles work with log homes: Southwest, Cowboy, North Woods, Cabin Chic, Adirondack, Appalachia, Rustic, and Country and its offshoots. Each has identifiable conventions, which you’re free to follow or forsake. Because log homes are such personal homes, they look best when they reflect your personality and lifestyle. The result is often mix-and-match themes, which are popular, although take care to prevent electic’s becoming hodge-podge.

Plan first, buy second. You don’t have to wait until you move in to select furnishings. Have a furniture plan before you design and build your home. For one thing, you’ll know everything you want will fit. Another advantage is you’ll avoid such spatial faux pas as windows in the master suite so close together that the headboard partially obscures them. Once you’ve identified furniture you’ll be using, you can shop for it while the house is being built. You’ll spread out the cost and take advantage of sales.

Perhaps you’re planning on using your current furniture. This is a totally new home and a new kind of home. So before you count on existing pieces, consider whether your log home represents a transition or a continuation. If the latter, then decide whether your old furniture will fit in. It won’t necessarily be an either-or decision. Some pieces may work; others won’t. Your budget will influence you.

“We include a scaled template of all the furniture and items like beds, washers, dryers and kitchen appliances, etc. with our customized house plans,” says Joe Esbrook, Chief Executive Officer of Hiawatha Log Homes. “After they review their preliminary design with their designer, each homeowner can cut out the furniture samples they want from the template, they can then arrange living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. to get a feel as to how it may play out when it’s built and furnished. Once that is done we put their specific room configurations into our 3-D architectural software and the designer will take the homeowner through a 3-D virtual tour of their furnished home, just as it will be built, this is often one the most valued experiences we see our customers express on the post move-in surveys.”

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Live the Log Home Dream,

Joe Esbrook, CEO, Hiawatha Log Homes