Discover Your Style – Part III

Welcome to Part III in our series to help you design and furnish your new log home in a style that reflects you and your lifestyle. In this blog article, we will focus on the main areas of your log home, working with wood and deciding on furnishings.

Focus on three or four main areas: great room, master suite, an open loft and the foyer, if it’s dedicated space. The great room is your primary living space, but it’s also your home’s most public place .Because it’s the largest area, it requires the most coordination. Your bedroom is your ultimate, intimate space; the goal is total comfort. A loft overlooking the great room visually extends that lower space and often Features railings, which might exhibit craftsmanship or display blankets and such. A foyer should make a welcoming first impression, but it needn’t be elaborately furnished. Decks, porches and patios are outdoor rooms that need to be furnished. They don’t have to conform to any overall theme, but the right look can enhance your enjoyment of them.


Work with wood. When it comes to furnishing your log home, you have two choices: more wood or less wood. Everything plays off the logs. Some people favor wooden antiques, which are especially adaptable, regardless of their original function. Others prefer softer textures to complement wood, using upholstery and rugs.

Decide on custom-made pieces vs. store bought. Custom furnishings cost more, but not essential if you can find something pre-made that serves the same purpose and looks good. There’s no rule against mixing the two. Custom extends beyond furniture. Some homeowners commission craftspeople to carve figures or words into log posts, log ends or mantelpieces. “I can’t tell you the number of times we have our homeowners come to us and ask us if we would build them a custom log bed to match their home, they love the look of having this beautiful piece of furniture that reflects the theme of the bedroom, they love the look and style.” Esbrook goes on “We have even built custom dog beds and dog houses for a few, they love it!”

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Live the Log Home Dream,

Joe Esbrook, CEO, Hiawatha Log Homes