Fall Gardening

Your flowers may be done blooming and your lawn may look like it’s stopped growing, but there are still a few things to do in your yard before the snow falls. Although the grass looks like it’s stopped growing, it roots are actually growing downward to help prepare for winter. Fall is actually the best time to fertilize and reseed your lawn.

Your landscaping can use a bit of fall love too. Pruning your trees and shrubs after the leaves have fallen helps to encourage healthy growth in the spring. Leave enough room for you to walk between your bushes and your house. This will help the air circulation near your home and allow the logs dry more quickly after it rains. Make sure to trim any dead branches and branches that are close to power lines or the roof that can cause damage in the winter.

Don’t forget to winterize. Disconnect and store your hoses; it will help them to last longer. Turn off the water valve to the outside faucets and drain the water from the pipes and sprinkler systems so they don’t freeze during the winter. Bring in your outdoor extension cords and check for fraying or other damage. Put away your lawn mower and summer lawn care equipment. Remember to empty out unused fuel, so sediment doesn’t build up and clog your fuel lines.

After you’ve finished winterizing, give your snow blower and generator a quick tune up to get them ready for the winter.