Keeping it Cozy – Fall Heating Maintenance

Before the first snowflakes fall and the cool air of fall turns to the cold winds of winter, it is important prepare your home’s heating systems for the cold months to come.

You probably haven’t used your furnace in since the snow melted and birds started singing, but now is a great time to make sure it is in shape to keep your home cozy all winter long. You can begin by replacing the furnace’s air filter and stocking up on enough filters to get you through the winter. Although many filters say they last for 90 days, your filter should be replaced once a month to keep your furnace working as efficiently as possible. If your furnace is getting a little older, you may want to call in an HVAC professional to give your furnace a tune up and make sure it’s ready to keep you warm.

If you enjoy snuggling up next to a crackling fire during the winter, it is important to sweep your chimney out annually and, you guessed it, fall is a great time to get it taken care of. Make sure your have enough firewood to keep your fireplace crackling all winter long. Don’t store your firewood on your deck or too close to your home. Not only does it pose a fire hazard, the bugs that often live in woodpiles can damage your log home. We recommend storing firewood 30 feet away from your house.

Winter heating bills can get expensive. So don’t waste money on a drafty house. Check the caulking around windows and doors and look for checking, or cracking in logs. Replace any caulk that is missing or pulling away and fill in checks that are bigger than ¼” with sealant. Examine your weather stripping and trim work to make sure it is in good condition. Tack down anything that is loose and replace it if it is missing or rotting.

Turning your heat down at night or while your gone during the day is another great way to save some money. If you have a hard time remembering to turn down the heat, consider installing a programmable thermostat that will automatically take care of it for you.

We hope our simple fall maintenance tips will help keep you warm and cozy all winter long!